You will need a Laptop , Computer or Tablet, to get a clear view and understanding of the FRee Video . Because On a Cell Phone everything is so small that you will not Understand nor see and understand the process. So please view on a laptop,computer or Tablet. And if you decide to purchase the Training, you will need a laptop, computer, or tablet.

FACTS: I have tried many business ventures in my life and I was excited"
When I bought most of the programs, I heard all of the hype and the testimonials, getting me excited, but after that, I had no step by step method of actually how to start making the money from a beginners level, and after losing tons of money, I set out to find a business that do not require customers, do not have to wait years of investing in stocks and getting a pay-out when I'm 60.

I tried Penny stocks but you need thousands of dollars, to buy thousands of stocks costing maybe .03 cent and hope they move up and you get lucky to get thirty dollars after watching it for several hours or days, Restaurant owner I did this 3 times, the expenses will eat up any chance of real profit, I own over 50 patents and your pitching it to companies, rejection letter after rejection letter, I really had to evaluate my next step, I need a business that can make money 5 to 6 days a week, no selling, no pitching.

So I found out about Binary Options 4 years ago, the concept was simple I was able to get the results of my actions within minutes, not hours, not years, not days, not months, ALL business is a gamble and it can be a long time to find out what are the rewards of your efforts and possibly that you might have to shut down a business, it can be wasted time or lesson learned or both, But the need to make money is more critical than ever, the concept of Binary Options trading is simple you choose whether the price of a currency will be above or below a certain price at the end of five minutes.

With my strategy I teach you what to look for, when to make your move, and this alone put odds in your favor 80% and the biggest threat is price REVERSAL which has been my biggest challenge since I began this Journey, and I would turn $150 into $650 within 3 hours, then Booommm!!! The reversal, price movement changing direction and within minutes I lost $510 dollars!!!, I studied my losses each and every time for 4 years, practicing on their demo account and then practicing with real money.

But on June 22nd 2020 during the Pandemic , I had that Aha Moment , I was able to make money and I was able to work around the REVERSAL, and within a hour and half I had gained roughly $329.00 and loss roughly $40 to $60 so I gained roughly $260 dollars within a hour and a half!!!! And I could have continued until the morning but I was so excited because I was able to conquer the REVERSAL over and over again, what should I do with this new found knowledge, keep it to myself or share it with others, to share it especially during a pandemic is the right thing to do, how much is this E-book worth, to teach others how to make hundreds of dollars a day from the comfort of their home, hummmm.

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